• GBWhatsapp APK Download GB Whatsapp 2018 Install Latest Version Free

    GBWhatsapp apk Download: Do you Want Dual Whatsapp Accounts then you should have this App Downloading GBWhatsapp.APK 2018 is very Easy.WhatsApp is the most recognized instant messaging app used by people around the world.

    GBWhatsapp Download
    Due to its in-depth support for media files and attachments, people are using it as their primary messaging app. But we all know that the official WhatsApp app supports only one registered account at a time. A new mod called GBWhatsApp has been developed by Atnfas Hoak that carries the most amazing features. where people can use two WhatsApp accounts in single mobile it amazing right.

    GBWhatsapp APK Downloads Details?
    Name: GBWhatsApp
    Size: 33.48MB
    Current version: 5.50
    Compatibility: Android 4.0 and up.


    GBWhatsApp is one of the most trending apps for Android and WhatsApp that helps you install a dual WhatsApp application on your mobile. Which means, with GBWhatsApp, you can easily use two different WhatsApp apps at the same time. And the best part is, this app avoids any conflict with the official WhatsApp app.

    Why User are Downloading GBWhatsapp apk
    GBWhatsApp apk is gaining popularity due to its different package name and feature of the theme, and lots more. It also offers the best security and service provided by the original WhatsApp, and this is what makes GBWhatsApp an outstanding app. Secondly, you’ll be happier to know that GHWhatsApp is the most trending amongst all the WhatsApp mods.

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    GBWhatsApp came up with the theming feature that allows you to create your own customized WhatsApp theme. The theme can be applied on your WhatsApp, and even you can send the theme to the developers of GBWhatsApp if you feel it worth sharing.

    With GBWhatsApp, you can even freeze your last seen, the message delivered (tick), and read (double blue tick) indications. Not only this, you can also set your WhatsApp status as online forever.

    GBWhatsApp comes with an inbuilt lock feature that can lock your WhatsApp application whenever you minimize it. You can even alter the application logo color to avoid confusion between the original WhatsApp and the GBWhatsApp. This is a unique feature presented in this app.

    Whenever there is a GB WhatsApp Latest version out from developer we would update Here

    GBWhatsapp APK Download

    Features of GB WhatsApp
    Freeze last seen, tick, and double blue tick.
    Create your own theme and send it to the developer.
    Customize the application logo color and notification bar.
    SMS verifications.
    Simply open the app to get a toast notification about a person’s online status.
    Status limit extended to 255 characters instead of 139.
    Send more than 90 images instead of 10.
    Send videos above 16GB.
    Add up to 600 people in the broadcast
    Supports voice calls.
    Change tick styles and colors.
    Preview media without downloading to your device.
    Hide date, time, and contact name while copying a message.
    Check your friends’ last seen from the main screen.
    Save your contact’s status on WhatsApp.
    No root required.
    Downloads GBWhatsApp 2018 APK
    To download the GBWhatsApp APK, please follow these steps:

    Download the GB WhatsApp apk file from.
    Go to your Phone Settings > Security > Enable Unknown Sources.
    Locate the apk file and tap on it to install.
    After installed, launch the GBWhatsApp app from your phone menu.
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    GBWhatsApp is a free app and it is constantly updated with new features. The application works seamlessly without causing any conflict with WhatsApp or your phone software. So it’s ensured that you won’t find any issues installing this app. your Downloading GBWhatsApp From 9apps

  • Psiphon Pro APK Download for Android Latest Version

    Psiphon Pro VPN: Hey guys, in this post I will tell you how can you download Psiphon VPN on your phone and use it. Basically a VPN is a server which will encrypt our data we send to websites when we are connected to internet. It makes our data unreadable to others who can intercept the network (Man in the middle Attacks performed by Hackers). Personally I use VPN in my college because they block social networking sites. By using VPN i can access any website active on the internet.

    How Psiphon VPN Works?
    When we try to connect to a VPN service, We are connecting to a server and the server gets the website we need or the website you want to browse. Then the server sends the website data to us, but no one can see that we are browsing particular website because our data is encrypted. Only the service provider can see the data. In simple words Tunneling our Data through secure Tunnel. In this list we have paid as well as free VPN service providers, so please proceed with caution

    Psiphon VPN is my favorite VPN application. You people can try all of them and decide which app suits your needs. Free VPN apps display ads so that they can generate Revenue and some give only a limited amount of data to use per month like 500 Megabytes/month. If you want to go beyond the limit you have to purchase them. Here comes the main part, we cannot blindly trust any VPN provider. Some VPN providers LOG your activities on the internet which will ruin the internet freedom. So we need a VPN which doesn’t LOG users. One of the most trusted VPN in the market is Psiphon. Psiphon is a reputated VPN service provider. It is been developed by Psiphon inc.

    How to install Psiphon Pro VPN on Android Devices
    First, make sure that you have downloaded the Psiphon Pro APK from the given link above only or you can download it from Google Play Store – Download from Play Store Download Psiphon APK
    Once the APK file is downloaded follow the below steps.
    Go to download folder and search for Psiphon Pro APK file
    Read all the permissions and then hit install button, It takes 10-30 seconds depending on your device specs.
    After, The installation process finishes we’ll use the app.
    Now open the Psiphon Pro app.
    You can find start button on bottom left side of the device screen.
    Click start, you will be prompted with two options (comes only once when you install psiphon pro for the first time)
    Tunnel Whole Device
    Use psiphon Browser

    Click on Tunnel Whole Device.
    Now wait until you see a message saying “VPN service is running ”
    Wolah! We are now connected to VPN check your IP address you can see your IP is changed.
    We can access websites which are blocked in our country
    Safe access to internet without any worry
    Anonymous browsing of internet (can’t be tracked)
    We can share data more securely
    Low cost to use VPN
    Increased network performance
    Still, have doubts? Didn’t understand? It’s okay! Comment down your doubts we will clear your doubts. Liked the Article? Show your interest in sharing this article to your friends using our social networking buttons :). Stay tuned at Apktrendz for more cool tips & tricks like these.

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